2697. TORMENTED (1960-USA). With RICHARD CARLSON. Here is a most unusual and unceasingly chilling ghost story that opens within the confines of an island lighthouse built high above a rocky cliff, It is here where up-and-coming jazz pianist Tom Stewart is attempting to break off with Vi, his saloon singer girlfriend. Tom has fallen in love with another woman, whom he soon plans to marry. “No one will ever love you more than I do,” Vi tells him. He only can respond by saying that he is “sorry for everything.” Vi suddenly turns hostile. She threatens to blackmail Tom with an incriminating letter. “No one will ever love you but me,” she pronounces. As she utters these words, the railing upon which she is leaning cracks. Vi grabs for dear life onto what remains of the railing and pleads with Tom for help. He does not respond. She falls to her death. Later on, Tom recovers Vi’s body as it washes ashore. However, it mysteriously disappears before his eyes and turns to seaweed! This is but the first in a series of shocking and horrifying events that threaten to wreak havoc with Tom’s mind and play with his feelings of guilt over his failure to assist Vi. You will be riveted to the screen as Tom slowly becomes convinced that the spirit of Vi has returned to earth to haunt himÑ as well as his betrothed and her family! 75 minutes. Horror