2170.TORPEDOED! (1937-ENGLAND). WITH h.b. Warner, Richard Cromwell, Noah beery. A rousing drama-adventure, which is set in the South of the Bonier republic of Bianco, which for years has enjoyed friendly relations with England. Bianco has lately been a nation in tumult. The men of the battleship “El Mirante” are in revolt. AJI the loyal officers have been executed. Two attempts have been made on the life of Bianco’s president, who nonetheless refuses to comprehend the severÂity of the situation. The British counsel for good reason fears for the safety of his countrymen who live and work in Bianco. Soon his daughter is kidnapped by the revolutionaries. The British Admiralty dispatches the navy cruiser Audacious to quell the rebellion and restore order. During the film’s production, the British Navy loaned producer HERBERT WILCOX use of the H.M.S. Royal Oak to play the part of the El Mirante. By the time the film was released in the United States in 1939, England was at war with Germany and the H.M.S. Royal Oak had just been sunk in real life! This adds a special irony to the film’s stirring climax. 67 minutes. War Drama