Traffic In Souls

2202. TRAFFIC IN SOULS (1913-USA). Directed by GEORGE LOANE TUCKER. White slavery is the ‘sensational theme of this controversial and innovative early sex film. It was produced in secrecy for the small sum of $5,700. Within days of its release, box-office receipts totaled over one half milÂlion dollars! It is an exploitation thriller about innocent girls who are captured by immoral traffickers of the flesh. Criminals known as “Look Outs” and “Cadets” watch for naive immigrant and country girls at harbor areas and railroad stations. They lure the unsuspecting victims initially through false friendship and then by drugs. The girls soon find themselves in houses of ill repute where they are whipped and deflowered. Wealthy but wicked William Trubus leads The International Purity and Reform League as a ruse for the trafficking. Heroic young police officer Burke investigates the slavers when his unit is instructed to search all suspicious houses in his district. Only when his girlÂfriend’s sister is lured by one of the “Cadets” does Burke head up the most exciting and suspenseful police raid in any film of this period. This outstanding milestone in muckraking adventures uses dicÂtographs, phonographs, motorcars and other sorts of modern scientific inventions, which fascinated contemporary audiences to keep viewers on the edges of their seats. Even today, it will keep your pulse pounding! “Silent” film with music score. 74 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Exploitation Drama