Tramp, The; Woman, A

611. THE TRAMP and A WOMAN (1915-USA). Two 2-Reelers made for Essanay with CHARLIE CHAPLIN, EDNA PURVIANCE. Both directed by Chaplin (“The Tramp” written by Chaplin as well).
1. THE TRAMP (1915-USA) is the ultimate portrait Of Charlie’s most famous character. The simple plot finds the vagrant Charlie rescuing the fair farmer’s daughter (Edna) from three ruffians. Charlie soon finds himself working (and nearly wrecking) the farm. When the three evil hoboes start loitering around the farm Charlie saves the day. When Edna’s boyfriend returns home shortly thereafter, Chaplin again shows his mastery Of mixing tears and laughter as he leaves a farewell note and goes Off into the sunset.
2. A WOMAN (1915-USA) turns out to be the kind Of high farce that eventually was perÂfected in “Charlie’s Aunt.” Meeting lovely Edna in the park, Charlie eliminates her other suitors (usually with a dunk in the pond!) And is invited home to dinner. Losing his pants in a manner that needn’t be gone into here, Charlie dresses in women’s clothes, shaves his moustache and woos and wins the girl’s father! Charlie’s pantomimic talents are at their finest and he makes a good looking woman too! “Silent” films with music score, correct projection speed. 57 minutes total. Chaplin