2220. TRILBY (1915-USA). With CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG, WILTON LACKAYE. Directed by MAURICE TOURNEUR. In 1914, Clara Kimball Young was selected by a fan magazine as the movie’s most popular actress. You will know why after watching her in this classic story of a beautiful artist’s model taken into the power of a villainous vulture. This terrifying tale of distorted love is told masterfully by director Maurice Tourneur, who was one of the early cinema’s most accomplished stylists. Who could better bring the bohemian lifestyle of Paris’ Latin Quarter to the screen than this Frenchman who spent his youth living the artists life there! The story begins with sensuous Trilby visiting the lively salon of three English painters. One is her sweetheart Little Billie. There, she meets Svengali. He is a bearded, slovenly musician who has come from somewhere in the east. Trilby feels the lure of Svengali’s strange music. Soon, he manages to place her under hypnosis to cure her chronic neuralgia. From that moment on, she is caught in his wicked web. The cruel sorcerer spirits Trilby away from Billie, in order to make her the world’s greatest singer, it is a fiendish plot that will gain him vast riches and unprecedented power. “Her voice will sway kings and emperors,” predicts Svengali. How can this madman be stopped? Young is at once charming and forceful as Trilby while veteran thespian Wilton Lackaye plays Svengali, bringing the role he made famous on stage to the screen. “Silent” film with music score. 60 minutes. “Silent” Melodrama