Triple Deception

2396.TRIPLE DECEPTION (1956-England). COLOR. With MICHAEL CRAIG. This over the top of your-seat cops-and-robbers melodrama tells of a mysterious gang of counterfeiters whoÕve been reproducing high-quality British bank notes and smuggling gold into France. The authorities on bolt- sides of the English Channel are at a loss over how to thwart these criminals. Perhaps the good guy: have found a solution to their dilemma in the person of a skirt-chasing British naval officer named Larry Ellis. It just so happens that Ellis is the exact double of one of the gang’s prime movers. It also happens that this chap has just been killed in a car crash, a fact which has not yet been discovered by his cronies. The reluctant seabee is recruited to replace the crook and go undercover in an effort to ferret out the gang. “You find who the leader is,” he is told. “We’ll take over from there.” This results in Ellis’ finding himself caught in a dangerous and complex web of intrigue in which he gets to tangle with two equally sultry but very different dames. At the same time he surely will have to give an Oscar-caliber performance if he is to emerge with the information he has been entrusted to uncover, let alone if he is to emerge alive! 86 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense