Triumph Of Sherlock Holmes, The

1071. THE TRIUMPH OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (1935-England). With Arthur Wontner, LYN HARDING, IAN FLEMING. SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE’S Valley of Fear becomes an absorbing mystery movie, starring Arthur Wontner, whom film historian William K. Everson called “one of the best” actors to play SherÂlock Holmes. The legendary sleuth decides to retire to the country, but his nefarious nemesis, Professor Moriarty, quickly foils those plans. Moriarty, “the brains behind the biggest criminal organization in Europe,” carries out the murder of an American, who is found with a mysterious mark branded onto his wrist-the sign of a secret society! Investigating, Holmes and Watson hear a fantastic tale (shown in flashbacks) of the American West, where the victim had been involved with a notorious group of ruthless killers. A strange path of murder, betrayal and revenge led him from the “valley of fearÓ to a forbidding English castle-and it leads Holmes, and us, to a startling climax! How does the dauntless detective untangle the strands of this strange story and stage his magnificent Òtriumph”? ElemenÂtary, my dear Watson! 83 minutes. Crime