598. TUMBLE WEEDS (1925-USA). With WILLIAM S. HART (his final film and what is considered the last of the ‘old breed” of westerns). Starling with a sound prologue (shot in 1939) to introduce the story. Hart in effect delivers his own obituary on camera. In what is definitely one of the most moving monologues ever delivered on film. Hart bids a farewell to the western movies he spent his whole fife making. Listen for the emotion filled Shakespearean voice-what a fine sound-era western film star he would have made. “Tumbleweeds” itself is about the last great land rush in America, the opening of the Oklahoma Territory 10 homesteaders. The climax of the story is the stampede, with unusually fine editing (for a western), photography and composition. This is no ordinary western, but a pure cinematic piece of American History. Sights never to be seen again are preserved at a time when living veterans of the 1889 events were common. When Bill Hart removes his hat reverently and the title reads. “Bays, it’s the last of the West,” his cowpoke buddies and William S. Han watch as an era passes into history. Very highly recommended. Sound prologue, silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 141 minutes total. Western