Two Gun Troubador

2822. TWO GUN TROUBADOR (1939-USA). With FRED SCOTT. Fred Scott may not have been the best-known actor to play singing cowboys in the movies the 1930s. Still, his pleasant singing voice and amiable on-screen presence make him a likable western hero, and this a well-done entertainment. Scott even plays two roles: prosperous rancher Fred Dean, Sr. and his grown-up son Fred Dean, Jr. The elder Dean is an honorable man who dispenses sage advice to his young son. However, Fred Senior’s brother Kirk is a bad penny. Fred has been paying off Kirk’s seemingly endless gambling debts. Kirk thanks his brother by rustling his cattle. Kirk also wants possession of Fred’s ranch. Late one night, the bad brother coldheartedly shoots the good brother in the back. Little Fred witnesses the killing, but his uncle orders him to forget what he has seen. Twenty-two years pass. The murder of Fred Dean, Sr. has never been solved. Kirk Dean runs the ranch with an iron hand and has gotten rich and powerful. Lately he’s been attempting to force young Tom Bradford from his Bar Z ranch, thus gaining control of even more of the region. However, Kirk’s efforts are being hindered by a masked mystery man known as the “Two Gun Troubadour.” Onto the scene arrives a now-grown-up Fred Dean, Jr. He is steadfast, true and heroic. He is determined to right the wrongs done him by dear old Uncle Kirk. As you will see, this will be no easy task. 58 minutes. Western