Two Reelers Comedy Classics

644. TWO REELERS – COMEDY CLASSICS #4 (1934-193&-USA). Still more two-reel selected short subjects.
1. BRIDAL BAIL (1934-USA). With JUNE BREWSTER, CAROL TEVIS, GRADY SUTTON. Directed by GEORGE STEVENS. How to make a fast $100 – Depression-Style: Gel married in a movie theatre. Not as easy as it sounds!
2. NO MORE WEST (1934-USA). With BERT LAHR. Bert’s running a shooting gallery when two bank robbers come by, giving Bert the chance to capture them single-handed! After singing a song, Bert heads out to the real West…Poison Gulch; where he has a second run-in with the robbers. Fine example Of Bert’s slapstick style. Note: this film also appears as cat. #2872.
3. BAD MEDICINE (1936-USA). GENE AUSTIN. A medicine show comes to town – it’s Dr. Duncan’s Dynamic Discoveries (it’s an ink eradicator, elixir, dandruff remover!). A fascinating look at a Hollywood version Of a real medicine show. The real treat is Gene Austin’s famous tenor voice along with a hot rhythm section entertaining the yokels. Pure hokum, but delightful viewing 56 minutes total. Comedy-Shorts