Two Reelers Comedy Classics

2621. TWO REELERS-COMEDY CLASSICS #13 (1936-1938-USA).
1. HURRAY FOR HOOLIGAN (1937-USA). With BUSTER WEST, TOM PATRICOLA. This fast-paced comedy features the antics of Buster Tracy, who inherits a brawny boxer named Horizontal Hooligan. Buster and his pal Tom intend to manage Hooligan to a world championship. However, their prized fighter is known as “horizontal” for good reason: he is addicted to eating-and sleeping! Hooligan is always on the floor, so perhaps the boys will be able to pass him off and sell him as a rug! The climactic, chaotic boxing match will leave you in stitches.
2. JITTERBUGS (T938-USA). With BUSTER WEST, TOM PATRICOLA. This zany farce begins with Buster inviting his best girl Betty and her cantankerous father over for dinner. Only problem is, dear old dad’s taste in food is ever-changing. The laughter goes up a decibel after a thief who has just stolen a diamond hides his booty inside a turkey.
3. WHO’S LOONEY NOW (1936-U5A). With JACK NORTON, VIVIAN OAKLAND, BILLY GILBERT. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Browning are new neighbors who commence a conversation. Johnson declares that his family waits on him hand and foot, while Browning admits that he is henpecked beyond reason. Johnson offers to let Browning in on a secret that surely will lead to his emancipation. Just wail until you see that one man’s ticket to bliss just may be another man’s ticket to tumult. Billy Gilbert is especially funny as a blustery “brain specialist”
52 minutes total. Comedy