2857. UNASHAMED (1938-USA). “Another day,” Rae Lane writes in her diary. “Shall I ever find happiness?” Rae is a likable young woman with a mile-wide crush on her boss, Robert Lawton. She also has “a figure that would make Venus blush with shame.” However, Robert prefers to keep their relationship strictly business. Lately Robert has been experiencing stress. A doctor suggests that he spend some time resting and relaxing in a nudist colony where “sunshine and good fellowship will make you forget your upset nerves and stomach aches.” So Robert heads off to Olympic Fields, a real-file resort located at Lake Elsinore, California. At Olympic Fields men and women happily frolic sans clothing. Robert quickly removes his clothes and is not at all displeased to find that one of the guests at the camp is none other than Rae Lane! Together they golf. They play tennis. They shoot arrows on an archery court. Will one of those arrows end up piercing Robert’s heart, allowing his love for Rae to blossom? Or will that heart end up beating faster upon the arrival of runaway heiress Barbara “Pinky” Pound, leaving Rae with a heavy case of the blues? This intriguing drama effectively combines a blazing love story with a passionate nudist point-of-view. It was filmed on location at Olympic Fields, where the motto of the day is “There is beauty in every unencumbered human body from the cradle to bent old age.” 67 minutes. Nudism