Uneasy Terms

2400.UNEASY TERMS (1948-England). With MICHAEL RENNIE, MOIRA LISTER, NICEI PATRICK. Slim Callaghan is a private detective who frequently helps to solve crimes for Scotland Yard. One day he receives a desperate call from a Colonel Jervis Stenhurst. The Colonel has just been sent an anonymous letter. From its content, he concludes that Slim must keep an eye on his three beautiful stepdaughters. Within minutes of Slim’s arrival the butler finds the Colonel’s corpse Slim rushes to the scene where he notices a woman’s handkerchief with the monogram “V.A.’ Could its owner he the eldest stepdaughter, Viola Alardyse? Slim becomes acquainted with all the women involved in an attempt to pinpoint the killer. Another key player in the story is a sadistic gangster who owns a stylish nightclub frequented by gorgeous middle sister Corinne. Slim soon finds that he must unravel a complicated puzzle in order to determine the motive for the Colonel’; murder. Join this deft and urbane gumshoe in a sassy and suspenseful adventure set in a shadows world of opulent nightspots and greedy, duplicitous characters. 91 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense