2859. UNSANE (Tenebrae) (1982-Italy) COLOR. With ANTHONY FRANCIOSA, JOHN SAXON. Directed by DARTO ARGENTO. Splatter film master Dario Argento’s stylish direction adds zing to this riveting murder mystery. It is the story of Peter Neal, a successful American writer who is just about to leave for Rome to promote his latest novel. Its title is “Tenebrae,” and its plot involves the bloody murder of several women. As Neal waits in the airline terminal, one senses that he is being watched. Then his carry-on luggage is mysteriously switched. As the writer jets over Greenland heading to Italy, an attractive young woman named Elsa unsuccessfully attempts to shoplift a copy of “Tenebrae” from a Roman bookstore. As she undresses upon arriving home, she is brutally and bloodily murdered. Poor Elsa is killed with a razor, just like a murder victim in “Tenebrae.” Her mouth is stuffed with torn pages from the book! As Neal arrives in Rome and settles into his hotel room, he receives a phone call from a woman with an eerie voice who tells him, “We’ve just begun…” Can the fiction Neal concocted for “Tenebrae” somehow be translating itself into reality? Will he soon find himself in the middle of a killing spree that is more bizarre and deadly than anything he could devise for one of his novels? What follows is a nerve-shattering chiller loaded with sex and nudity, blood and gore. It also is packed with attractive women, each one a potential murder victim. As the film nears its shocking conclusion, keep one chilling thought in mind: It isn’t over till it’s over! English language and dubbed in English. 91 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense