2525. UTAH (1945-USA). With ROY ROGERS, DALE EVANS, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, BOB NOLAN and THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS. When showgirl Dorothy Bryant (acted by charming Dale Evans) and her theater friends face having to close their new revue due to lack of funds, Dorothy wires Roy Rogers at the Bar-X Ranch in Coldbrook, Utah. So begins this lively Western yarn which features Roy and Dale fussing, fighting and romancing under the Utah stars. City-girl Dorothy has never seen the Bar-X, even though she is the legal owner. Her grandfather built up the huge cattle ranch, and Roy has been running the place since the old man’s demise. Dorothy arrives in Coldbrook with plans to sell the Bar-X in order to obtain funds to save the show. Roy knows that a crooked real estate developer has his eye on the ranch for quick resale to a sheep farmer at triple the price. In order to prevent this sorry business deal from happening, Roy passes off the Bar- X as the rundown little ranch of his sidekick Gabby Hayes. Dorothy falls for the scheme, but the mischief Roy has created explodes in his face like a trick cigar, in this fast-paced and entertaining Western adventure featuring “The King Of The Cowboys.” 57 minutes Western