Valley Of the Lions; Ursus In The Valley Of The Lions

2938. VALLEY OF THE LIONS (Ursus In The Valley Of The Lions) (1962-Italy). With ED FURY. This exhilarating epic opens in a city which, at one time, was the capital of a small but flourishing kingdom. For many years, it was ruled by a wise king and his gracious queen. However, forces of evil have descended on the land. Hoards of barbarians have come to the city, bringing with them terror and death. As the barbarians approach his compound, the wounded king demands that his queen flee to safety with their newborn son Ursus. “You have so much to live for,” he declares. “You must save the child and one day Ursus will return to avenge me,” Before they depart, the king presents Ursus with a pendant and commands that it always remain with him. The baby and his mother barely escape with their lives, at which point the king is slain. You will see how the baby Ursus happens to be abandoned in the title locale, where he comes of age amid a den of lions. You can be certain that Ursus will grow into a gallant warrior who, after much effort, will attempt to both establish his identity as the son of a king and punish those responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. CAUTION: This is a black and white print of a film originally released in color. Dubbed in English. 91 minutes Sword and Sandal