782. VARIETY (1925-Germany). With EM1L JANNINGS, LYA de PUTTI. Directed by E.A. DUPONT. A story Of show business on the surface, but basically a guided tour through the decadence Of prewar Germany. It is considered the best film directed by Dupont before he left for Hollywood. “Variety” is noted for a shifting perspective, a gradual changing from objective to subjective viewpoints and back again. A delightful love story, as an acrobat and his wife, very much in love, finally achieve fame as the partners Of Artinelli, a famous “trapezist.” The inevitable seduction Of the wife by the handsome Artinelli drives the once-happy acrobat to commit murder. The unseen stabbing remains as a masterstroke Of under-statement. Casting portly Emil Jannings as an acrobat strains one’s credulity just a bit, but the performances and direction Of an otherwise ordinary story are first rate. “Silent” film with music score, title cards in English, and correct projection speed. 94 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama