Venus Meets The Son Of Hercules

2299. VENUS MEETS THE SON OF HERCULES (1963-italy). Color. with roger BROWNE. In days of old there lived the stalwart sons of Hercules, heroes supreme and the mightiest of men who roamed the earth righting wrongs and helping the weak and oppressed. However, one of Hercules’ offspring was no mere mortal. He dwelt near Mount Olympus, and as a result was endowed with godlike powers. He is the hero of this rousing sword-and-sandal epic which recounts the plight of a civilized people headed by King Cronos who must contend with an army of rampagÂing barbarians. The king’s men at once go into battle and pray for deliverance from the horror and destruction weighing so heavily over them. Just as all seems lost, our hero arrives to save the day. At the battle’s climax this gallant warrior rescues the beautiful Princess Daphne from certain death. What follows is a tangled web of mystery and duplicity as the son of Hercules falls in love with the princess but finds himself distracted by the earthly form of Venus, “Goddess Of Love.” Dubbed in English. 93 minutes. Sword and Sandal