Vic ‘N’ Slade

847. THE THREE STOOGES (1936. 1947, 1949-USA). Three two-reel comedies. Slapstick specialists from Vaudeville, The Stooges started in 1923, moved to Broadway and then to Hollywood in 1930, They made about 200 short comedies from 1934 to 1958; these are three Of their funniest!
1. DISORDER IN THE COURT (1936). With CURLY, LARRY, MOE. Who killed Kirk Robin? A courtÂroom farce that will set Justice back to the days Of the Inquisition! Squirting fire hoses, flying toupees, a parrot for a witness and more madness.
2. SING A SONG Of SEX PANTS (1947). With SHEMP, LARRY, MOE. The boys are running a tailor shop when in comes a wanted safecracker, running from the cops. “Try this coat on,” they urge, “if s 200% woolÑthe sheep led a double life!” Well done sight gags, including an ironing board built like a Murphy bed. Even the mannequins are no dummies!
3. MALICE IN THE PALACE (1949). With SHEMP, LARRY, MOE. “Somewhere in the Orient-the Cafe CasbahbaÑmeeting place Of Black Sheep Bah Bah Bah.” The Stooges are running the Cafe (right into the ground), when in walk three evil Sons Of the Prophet: Hafa Dollar, Hassen ben Sober and Jina Rummy, Out to find the treasure Of the tomb Of King Rootin Tootin, the boys wind up in the palace Of Omigosh in disguise (three Santa Claus suits).
The madness is hard to describe; a finger poke in the eye or a hit on the head doesn’t sound very funny, but the Stooges pull it Off for adults as well as for kids. Refining an art that predates Shakespeare, the Stooges brought Slapstick to its peakÑand that speaks for itself! 50 minutes total. Comedy