Way Of The West, The

2118. THE WAY OF THE WEST (1934-USA). With WALLY WALES, ART MIX. Here is a rip- roaring shoot-em-up which opens with several bangs but most decidedly does not go out with a whimper! The star is popular cowboy hero Wally Wales, who later changed his name to Hal Taliaferro and continued his screen career in roles as villains. He is cast as Wally Gordon, stalwart government agent who arrives in a western county disguised as a drifter. Gordon’s assignment is to check into recent conflicts between the cattle ranchers and sheepherders. The main victims have been the Parkers, a sheepherding clan consisting of the widowed Papa Parker, his pretty daughter (to whom Gordon is immediately attracted) and his feisty young son. The chief villain is Cash Horton, a desperado whom “all the law in six counties” has been unable to contain. The cattlemen hire Horton to “take care of Parker,” who has leased the best grazing land in the area. Gordon has no choice but to go head-to-head and gun barrel-to-gun barrel against the devious Horton. One of Horton’s henchmen is played by Art Mix, who is the mirror image of famed cowboy star Tom Mix (who was one of his distant relatives). Art Mix dressed like the original, all the way down to his oversized hat. He even billed himself as Tom Mix’s brother until the courts directed that he disconĂ‚tinue this falsehood. 52 minutes. Western