Wayne Murder Case

244. WAYNE MURDER CASE (1938-usa). WITH June Clyde, Regis Toomey, Jason Robards Sr., and “SNOWFLAKE.” Who killed Silas Wayne? The old millionaire had just begun to sign his will, in front of a roomful of greedy relatives and servants, when he collapsed. No one was close to him at the time, but there was a knife embedded in his chest! Whodunit? Was it the nephew-secretary, who had been defrauding him for years, and who’d just stolen a valuable diamond from his safe? Perhaps it was the family doctor, who had acted quite strangely while preparing Wayne’s medicine. Could it be the sinister-looking housekeeper, who had served him for 35 years and had been rewarded only with vicious beatings? Or is it one of the many others who passionately hated the sadistic old man? And exactly who is that strange phantom who glides in and out of the shadows to terrorize the household? A sharp police sleuth teams up with a wise-cracking female reporter (known as “NoseyÓ Toodles) to put the pieces together and solve the baffling mystery of this ingenious crime. YouÕll be kept guessing too-this is one of those movies where the person you suspect most is the very next one to be bumped off! A pure joy for fans of fast-moving, cleverly constructed murder mysteries. 61 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense