We Dive at Dawn

2018. WE DIVE AT DAWN (1943-EngIand). With ERIC PORTMAN, JOHN MILLS. Directed by ANTHONY ASQUITH. A tension-packed World War II drama-adventure, most of which is set aboard a British submarine called the H.M.S. Sea Tiger. After what one of its crew describes as a “nice quiet trip,” the sub pulls into port. The men promptly go on leave and rendezvous with wives and fiancŽeÕs, family and friends. There is a focus on specific crewmembers. Hobson, for one, is a hard- drinking seaman who has an air of mystery about him, and whose wife has just asked him for a divorce. Another sailor, Mike, is scheduled to be married while ashore but is undergoing an attack of extreme panic, Taylor, the sub’s captain, is constantly looking out for his subordinates while doing his duty and making weighty decisions. The scenario goes into high gear when the leave is abruptly cancelled. Bombs are being loaded onto the sub in preparation for the most dangerous of missions. It seems that a new German battleship has just set sail. The Sea Tiger and its crew are expected to interÂcept and sink her. The pressure steadily mounts as the sub sets out after its prey and encounters no shortage of obstacles. At the same time the film offers a poignant look at Hobson, Mike, Taylor and ail the rest of the seamen and their personalities and camaraderie, dreams and hopes. 96 minutes. War-Drama