Weber And Fields, Al Jolson, And This Is America

760.WEBER AND FIELDS, AL JOLSON, AND THIS IS AMERICA (c. 1930, September 27; 1948,1943-USA) Pure Americana in 3 easy lessons.
Lesson #1. WEBER and FIELDS (C1930) Vaudevillians since “Way Back When,” this dynamic duo were noted for their well-polished turns for decades. This rare footage appears to be a rehearsal or an unedited static shot Of their classic “Oyster* routine. Watch the dance at the end-it looks like they’ve done those same steps a thousand times. Practice makes perfect!
Lesson #2. AL JOLSON SCREEN TEST (September 27, 1948). The rarest scenes Of Al Jolson ever found- as the “world’s greatest entertainer” sings his famous songs (most Of them twice!). Made before the shooting Of “Jolson Sings Again,” this was either an attempt by Jolson to convince the studio brass that he was still young enough to play himself-or it was filmed as a guide for Larry Parks to use while imitating Jolson’s gestures and mannerisms. Anyone who really knows the Jolson personality will have no trouble deciding which.
Lesson #3. THIS IS AMERICA (c. 1943) Broadway Dim Out narrated by DWIGHTWEIST. A war time tour along the gay white way. A nostalgic look at theatres, restaurants, shows and stars long since passed from the scene. Watch for some Of those fabulous Broadway signs. 29 minutes total. Musical Variety