When The Lights Go On Again

1851. WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN (1944-usa). With james lydon, BARBARA BELDEN, REGIS TOOMEY. By 1944, America had been at war for three long, agonizing years. The initial enthusiasm for marching across the world and thrashing Hitler and Tojo had grown into a national weariness as the fighting dragged on and the casualties mounted. However, it was becoming apparent that the war would be ending sooner rather than later. How would those on the home front greet the returning servicemen? What problems would they have? How would their battleÂfield experiences impact on their lives, their psyches, their familial relationships, their readjustment to civilian life? These questions are dealt with most eloquently in this sobering, touching drama which mirrors the hopes and sentiments Of American society at a moment in history and today serves as a fascinating time capsule. The scenario details the plight Of a marine, Ted Benson, whose sweet face and boyish appearance belie his war experiences. In fact, Ted has just been released from a hospital, where he’s been recovering from shellshock. White on his way to his hometown (which is purposeÂfully called Middletown, U.S.A.), he becomes disoriented. He’s befriended by a newspaperman who helps him reconnect with his past. Ted dreams Of his pre-war youth: his life in Middletown; his relaÂtionships with his family and the various townspeople; his youthful hopes for a “decent, full life;” and, finally, his involvement with Arlene, the girl-next-door. Surely, with the help Of his loved ones, Ted will become the smart, levelheaded fellow he was before the war intruded on his life, 75 minutes. Drama