Where The Girls Are

149. WHERE THE GIRLS ARE (1969-USA). COLOR. Produced by the U.S. Military Airlift Command for use by the U.S. Army. Anyone who’s served in the military must remember seeing one Of those amusing training films about the dangers Of VD. For those who look back nostalgically on those movies-or for those who long to see one for the first time-here’s a wonderful example! “I personally guarantee you that if you play with these girls you’re going to get VD.” So warns an Officer to a group Of men who’ve just begun their tours in Vietnam. Our hero, a dean-living sort, takes the advice. But when he doesn’t get letters from his girl back home, he succumbs to the temptingly sexy women all around him, and ends up in a “massage parlor.” “I got my little towel, I got my little girl, I got my little dose,Ó he tells us. Needless to say, the VD ruins him physically, and destroys his relationship with the girl back home. A moral lesson, and a delightfully campy experience! 23 minutes. Military Training Film