While I Live; While I Love; Dream Of Olwen, The

2460. WHILE I LIVE (While I Love) (The Dream Of Olwen) (1947-England). This atmospheric and suspenseful ghost story takes viewers to the untamed rocky cliffs of northern Cornwall. There, pianist-composer Olwen Trevelyan struggles to write the ending to her most stirring composition, a tone poem called “The Dream of Olwen.” Driven to complete the musical piece by her domineering and possessive sister Julia, Olwen one night sleepwalks to the top of one of the high cliffs overlooking the sea. Julia follows her sister to the cliff and screams her name. Olwen abruptly awakens, but loses her balance and falls to her death. Twenty-five years later, Julia still grieves for the only person she has really ever loved. She and her younger cousin Peter are observing the anniversary of the fatal event by listening to a special commemorative radio broadcast of Olwen’s final composition. Suddenly, there is a rapping at the door and a lovely young woman enters and sits down at the piano to play along with the music. To the astonishment of Julia, she mysteriously behaves as Olwen did a quarter-century before! How does this stranger seem to know so much about Olwen and the Trevelyan family home? Is it possible she really is Olwen come back to life? Find out in this absorbing and haunting melodrama, which will hold you spellbound right up to the final frames. 57 minutes. Melodrama