Whispering Shadow, The

982. THE WHISPERING SHADOW (1933-USA). 12 episodes Mascot Serial. With BELA LUGOSI, HENRY B. WALTHALL, KARL DANE, VIVA TATTERSALL. Who is The Whispering Shadow? Glad you asked! He is the never-seen phantom determined to get his hands on “the world’s richest collection of jewels-formerly owned by the Czar.” The Shadow kills by “radio death ray,” speaks to his gang by television, and uses a gyrocopter to further his ends! The Shadow might be the mysterious Professor Strang who runs “The House Of Mystery”-a weird building of moving wax works. The Shadow might be Steinbeck, the leering radio genius who always seems to be coming from behind a welder’s mask just after The Shadow speaks. He might be any one of several suspicious types-but he must be caught! Handsome Jack Foster is determined to trap The Shadow, so is Raymond, a detective. Further complicating the plot is an escaped convict who is after the jewels and the executive of a moving and storage company who is in reality the Pretender to the throne of The Federated Baltic Stales! The usual serial fistfights, gun battles and cliffhangers abound. You’ll never guess who The Shadow is, so just enjoy the mayhem and murder, presided over by the grinning Bela Lugosi. 228 minutes. Serial