Why We Fight: War Comes To America

1175.WHY WE FIGHT #7: WAR COMES TO AMERICA (1944-USA). Narrators include WALTER HUSTON and LLOYD NOLAN. Directed by ANATOLE LITVAK. Produced by FRANK CAPRA, and the last in on award-winning seven-part series made by the U.S. War Department Army Pictorial Service. When the Why We Fight films were released, young men from New York to Los Angeles and points in between were battling all over the world for their nation’s survival. Told here are how Americans of all races, classes and national origins have come together to build the country; how they have traditionally protected their freedom and rights, from the Revolutionary War era to the present conflict; and, most importantly, how the events of the 1930s led to America’s unavoidable entry into the Second World War. There is much priceless historical footage here: of average citizens at play and work; of the happenings throughout the world which Ied to the war; and of the actual fighting, compiled from both authentic newsreels and captured enemy films. War Comes to America is a powerful and patriotic reflection of its period, and an invaluable record of our country’s history. 65 minutes Documentary