Wild Rapture

3022. WILD RAPTURE (1950-France). This stark and shockingly uncensored documentary is set in Africa, the dark and mysterious continent which always has intrigued man’s imagination. By the 20th century, many sections of Africa already had been explored. Rivers had been bridged. Cities were built. Railroads crisscrossed parts of the continent. However, another aspect of Africa’s exploration was only beginning. This “vitally important phase” involved learning about the lifestyles and cultures ofthe various African tribes: the continent’s natives, whose civilizations had existed for centuries but were virtually unknown to the oulside world. At the time this film was made, there were over three million natives living on the continent amid 600,000 square miles of jungles and grasslands, mountains and swamps. It was produced over a lengthy period by a dozen young French scientists stationed at the Ogowe-Congo Mission. Their purpose was to “record living history” using cameras and recording equipment. Their efforts resulted in this intimate and explicit look at the peoples of Africa. Simply put, much of the footage must be seen to be believed! As their film unfolds, several pertinent questions are dealt with: Who exactly are the African people? What makes them tick? What are their traditions and rituals? How do they live within their villages and tribes? What are the roles of men, women and children within a tribal hierarchy? Perhaps most significant of all, will the natives of Africa survive the ravages of time and the impact of progress or ultimately be destroyed by their own jungles? Narrated in English. 68 minutes. Documentary