Wild Women; Bowanga Bowanga

2766. WILD WOMEN (Bowanga, Bowaoga) (1951-USA). Wild indeed! This unintentionally corny and funny mishmash of a movie is set somewhere in “dark, mysterious” Africa amid “the lush savage life of the tropics.” The continent is described as being rife with “wild native tribes” and “strange cults and ceremonies.” “Many weird stories have come out of Africa,” we are informed. “Some are the creation of man’s imagination. Others are true.” The one told here is “perhaps the strangest of all- Is it fact or fiction? Who can say!” What we can say is that the plot defies description. Among the characters are several jovial “Great White Hunters”; natives who spout such lines as “he come” and “him trip” and “me scared”; a man in a gorilla suit; and a band of scantily-clad damsels who are referred to in hushed terms as “white sirens of Africa.” They are the “Ulama Girls,” statuesque jungle Janes who lurk in the bush and cause endless havoc as they attack villages and terrorize natives. A fun time is to be had by all, as a trio of hunters ends up tangling with the Ulamas. We only can add the endorsement of “The Phantom Of The Movies,” writing in ‘The Phantom’s Ultimate Video Guide,” who ever-so-properly observes that this film is “pretty entertaining if you’re in the right frame of mindlessness.” 62 minutes. Adventure