Winds Of The Wasteland

3019. WINDS OF THE WASTELAND (1936-USA). With JOHN WAYNE. The Duke rides fast and tall and is quick with his fists in this rock ’em sock ’em western adventure. It is set at a time when the Pony Express was fast becoming extinct and being replaced as a method of communication by the “newfangled” telegraph. Wayne stars as Johnny Blair, a Pony Express rider who completes his last run and finds himself out of a job. He and his mates have established a record for delivering the mail that will go down in history. In appreciation of their hard work and loyalty, each is presented with two thoroughbred Pony Express horses. The enterprising Mr. Blair intends to employ the animals as the cornerstone of a new business venture: the establishment of a stagecoach line. He and his pal Larry Adams arrive in Buchanan City, where they hope to purchase a coach and soon be open for business. What they find in town is something else altogether, with their troubles only beginning when they tangle with “Honest” Cal Drake. Drake is a local businessman from whom Johnny and Larry attempt to acquire their coach and purchase a stagecoach franchise. What they do not know is that “Honest” Cal really is a conniver who is “as crooked as a snake.” Nevertheless, Johnny and Larry refuse to be thwarted as they set out to build Iheir business despite the interference of Drake and his ruffians. Duke Wayne’s easygoing charm and no-nonsense demeanor make this western an obvious star vehicle. 54 minutes. Western