Witch, The

2384. THE WITCH (Aura) (1966-ltaly). With ROSANNA SCHIAFFINO, RICHARD JOHNSON, GIAN MARIA VOLONTE. The seducer becomes the seduced in this shocking and erotic psychological horror film. It tells the story of Sergio, an inveterate womanizer with an eye for beautiful females, who makes his devoted girlfriend idle promises as his mind focuses on his next seduction. Lately, Sergio has been uneasy. He senses that he is being followed by an elderly lady. This quickly leads him to the large, semi-dilapidated mansion in which she resides. Her name is Consuelo. She is a widow and “once-famous beauty” who wishes to hire Sergio as conservator of some manuscripts that tell of Consuelo’s life with her late husband. They are quite erotic in content. “My husband and I were never afraid of what was prohibited,” she reveals. What Consuelo does next is at once startling and jarring, and Sergio immediately finds himself drawn into a mysterious environment ruled by her beautiful and dangerously beguiling daughter Aura (played by sexy Rosanna Schiaffino, who looks great with or without her clothes). To put it mildly, Aura is “rather different from other girls.” At first, Sergio finds his situation amusing. He is intent on defiling Aura and adding her to his list of sexual conquests. What starts out as another hot seduction quickly leads Sergio into a supernatural world of corpses and perverse personalities-and much, much more. Dubbed in English. 109 minutes. Horror