With Byrd At The South Pole

2280. WITH BYRD AT THE SOUTH POLE (1930-USA). Partially narrated by FLOYD GIBBONS. United States Navy Rear Admiral RICHARD E. BYRD is one of the 20th century’s most admired and honored explorers. He was conqueror of the North and South Poles, and he became the first man to fly over the top and bottom of the world. This extraordinary film is a visual record of one of Byrd’s most hazardous and heralded expeditions. It begins with he and his crew setting sail from New York City on August 25, 1928. Byrd and company battle stormy seas and other dangers and on Christmas Day reach their destination: the Antarctic. Awaiting them are 200,000 square miles of uncharted land and undiscovered mountain ranges. What follows is the journey’s highpoint: Byrd and his crew attempting to fly over the South Pole. This immediately proves to be a feat that is rife with no short supply of drama and life-threatening obstacles. Every bit of Byrd and company’s journey is captured in expert detail in this all-time great documentary. The film is beautifully photographed. In fact, cinematographers WILLARD VAN DER VEER and JOSEPH T. RUCKER earned Academy Awards for their work. 83 minutes. Documentary