With Daniel Boone Thru The Wilderness

1888. WITH DANIEL BOONE THRU THE WILDERNESS (1926-usa). With roy STEWART, FRANK RICE. A stirring frontier drama which attempts to “show conditions as they actuÂally existed in early AmericaÑpre-revolutionary days when in order to sustain his own life, a man had to fight for it.” It depicts a brief period in the life and times Of Daniel Boone, legendary figure in the pioneer period Of American history. The film opens by introducing Boone and Hank Vaughn, intrepid scout who is his best friend and constant companion. Boone and Vaughn are almost caught in a surprise indian attack instigated by the dastardly Simon Gerty, a renegade white man who had been branded and run out Of Philadelphia. The assault fails and Boone nabs Gerty. Good guy spares bad guy only because he is white. However, Gerty neither disappears for good nor mends his ways. He and the Indians promptly attack a settlement and kidnap a pretty young woman whom he nickÂnames Curly Locks. It is only a matter Of time before Getty’s brazen lust will result in his attempting to defile his hostage. Before Gerty can satisfy his desires, Boone goes into action and rescues this fair maiden. All Of this is just the beginning Of a slam-bang scenario in which Boone goes on to quiÂetly fall in love with the woman. He also must further contend with Gerty after the renegade links up with Grey Eagle, chief Of the Cherokees. Grey Eagle and his tribe live in harmony with the whites. This peace is sure to be upset by Gerty, who will not be as fortunate the second time he tanÂgles with Boone. “Silent” film with original music score, correct projection speed. 82 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama