Wizard Of Oz

1206. WIZARD Of OZ (1925-usa). With larry semon, dorothy dwan, bryant washburn, CHARLES MURRAY, OLIVER HARDY. Directed by LARRY SEMON. For decades, millions have delighted in the story Of a young girl from Kansas named Dorothy, who romped along the Yellow Brick Road with her pals the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and Cowardly Lion in the Wonderful Land Of Oz. There’s a very famous film version Of this story but, alas, it is by no means the initial screen adaptation Of L. Frank Baum’s classic fantasy. Larry Semon, a thin, pasty- faced comedian who attained his greatest popularity in the early 1920s, directed, co-scripted and starred in a feaÂture based on the story a full fourteen years before the release Of the “other” version. Some Of the characters here are different: the villains, for example, are named Prime Minister Kruel, Ambassador Wikked and Lady Vishuss; their nemesis is one Prince Kynd. Semon, however, is quite funny in the ever-familiar Scarecrow role; his wife, Dorothy Dwan, makes an appealing Dorothy; and the real surprise is a youthful, mustachio-less, remarkably thin Oliver Hardy (prior to his legendary teaming with Stan Laurel, and billed as Oliver N. Hardy!) as the Tin Woodsman. This Wizard Of Oz is both a curio and a treat. The surrealistic settings are reminiscent Of Dr. Caligari! It’s a must for anyone who has ever been enchanted by Dorothy and her adventures in Oz. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 93 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Fantasy