Wolves Of Kultur

2219. WOLVES OF KULTUR (1918-USA). 7 Episode Pathe Serial. With LEAH BAIRD, CHARLES HUTCHISON. Hutchison was an actor and amateur athlete who captivated chapter play audiences with this his very first serial, the success of which resulted in his becoming an instant star. The heroÂine of the adventure is Alice Grayson (played by beautiful Leah Baird, a star of early silent films who later went on to become a screenwriter.) Alice is the niece of Mason, who has just invented a wireÂless torpedo. Mason discusses the torpedo with associates, not knowing that among them are traitors to America. Mason wants to offer his invention to his government. Yet there are those who would prefer that it be sold for profit to a European power. The villains Hartman (a man “who would not shrink from a crime to satisfy his desire for riches”) and Zaremba promptly kill Mason and steal the inventor’s blueprints and torpedo model. It will be up to Alice and young mining engineer Bob Moore (played in lively fashion by Hutchison) to recover what has been purloined and bring the vilÂlains to justice. Unknown to Bob and Alice, two others also become involved in the case. They are none other than his sister Helen and her employer, detective and scholar Roger Barclay. The action soon comes fast and furious as Hutchison shows why he was to come to be known as “The Thrill-a- Minute Stunt King.” “Silent” film with music score. 168 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Serial