Work; Police

866. WORK AND POLICE (1915. 1916-USA). Two two-reel silent comedies by CHARLIE CHAPLIN.
1. WORK (The Paper Hanger) (1915). WITH CHARLIE CHAPLIN, BILLY ARMSTRONG, MARTA GOLDEN, CHARLES INSLEY, PADDY mcguire, EDNA PURVIANCE, LEO WHITE. Written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. Charlie and his boss are hired by the Ford family to re-paper their house at the corns Of Easy Street and Hardluck Avenue. The paper-hanging supplies, as well as lite paper-hanger himself, and brought by a hand-cart pulled by Charlie, up the steepest hills this side Of Ml. Everest. After they finally arrive, the lady Of the house carefully locks up the silverware (so Charlie hides his pocket watch from her!) A mad-house with wall-paper! A kitchen stove that explodes on cue, the wife’s secret lover, the almost sympathetic housemaid (played to perfection by Edna Purviance), the wall-paper paste that gets over everything, and last but not leastÑthat dam wall-paper that slicks to everything but the wall! The Little Tramp at his best; superbly riotous early Chaplin.
2. POLICE (1916). With CHARLIE CHAPLIN, EDNA PURVIANCE, WESLEY RUGGLES, BILLY ARM STRONG, JOHN RAND. Convict 999, alias Charlie, has just been released from prison and is thrown 01 into the cruel, cruel world with a new (baggy) suit and a SIO bill. A bearded preacher helps Charlie decide to go straight and also helps himself to Charlie’s SIO bill! After trying unsuccessfully to spend the night in a flophouse, but lacking even the small coin needed to get in, Charlie meets his old cellmate and together they set Off in burglarize the home Of fair Edna Purviance and her sickly mother. Edna catches them in the act and telephones the police. But she must have phoned the Beverly Hills Police, as the cops are just finishing a leisurely lunch. Afterwards, the Gentlemen Of the Law have their chauffeur take them to the scene Of the crime in their open touring car. When Charlie’s partner decides to rob sickly Mother Purviance, Charlie puts his foot down and battles his own chum for Edna’s honor. In return, when the police finally do arrive, Edna tells them Charlie is her husband, enabling The Tramp to walk Off into the horizon at the end Of the picture . . . Pursued by a policeman! Silent movies with music score, correct projection speed. 81 minutes. Chaplin