Wrong Road, The

2767. THE WRONG ROAD (1937-uSA). With RICHARD CROMWELL, HELEN MACK, LIONEL ATWILL, HORACE McMAHON, SILLY BEVAN, MARJORJE MAIN. Directed by JAMES CRUZE. Ever since graduating into the real world, college sweethearts Jimmy Caldwell and Ruth Holden have had a rough time of it. While still in school, Ruth’s wealthy father had gone broke. She had expected to bounce from college to the Junior League, but her life has taken an altogether different and less monied path. Meanwhile, Jimmy had hoped to start a high-salaried career as an engineer, instead, he has spent the past three years “working for beans” as a bank teller. Now he has been fired, to be replaced by “someone’s pet relative.” What has not changed is Jimmy and Ruth’s deep love, but what they have to look forward to is marriage on $25 a week. “There were certain things we were taught to look on as our rights,” he proclaims, “and we’re gonna get them!” In order to accomplish this, the lovebirds have concocted a scheme by which they will pilfer $100,000 from Jimmy’s bank. After serving a few years in prison, they will win their freedom and thus be able to recover and spend their fortune. Yet, Jimmy and Ruth do not understand what they are getting into as they start their prison stretches. Nor do they know what will happen once they receive their paroles and attempt to claim the now not-so-easily retrievable loot. Will they find themselves “rushing to the blindness, to some horrible end?” Find out as you savor this well acted and smartly scripted morality play. Lionel Atwill, a stellar supporting player best recalled for his roles as villains, offers a likable performance as a hero: Mike Roberts, an insurance company detective who tries to offer the young lovers sage advice while seeking to repossess the stolen loot. 53 minutes Drama