Yank In Australia, A

1612. A YANK IN AUSTRALIA (1943-Australia). This combination farce/romance/war-time mystery
Ethnographic documentary is un like any movie you’ve ever seenÑor probably ever will see. Its about a pair Of zany reporters from the Daily Spotlight, a failing American newspaper, and their female counterparts from a rival rag the Daily Challenger. These newshounds setOff together on overseas assignments, and find themselves passenger aboard an ocean liner just as the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Almost immediately, their ship is torpedoed, ant they’re stranded in the Australian outback where they become the guests Of a young woman who spins some fascinating tales about the local aborigines-one Of which leads them to the discovery Of the plans for yet another secret Japanese invasion. Despite the content Of the scenario, the film is more comical than dramatic, with the character constantly spouting the cleverest Of puns. Listen carefully, and you’ll hear some that are actually quite risqu6. Additionally, there’s plenty Of footage Of some rather unusual aboriginal tribal rituals. 56 minutes. Comedy-Romance