You’ve Ruined Me Eddie; Touch Of Flesh, The

3040. YOU’VE RUINED ME EDDIE! (The Touch Of Flesh) (1958-USA). Joan Denton is quite a hot little number. One of her favorite pastimes is dancing around her bedroom to wild and crazy music while garbed in a skimpy shorty nightgown. Another is sex. Joan has just graduated high school and has spent her summer before college in a steamy relationship with Eddie Mercer. Eddie is a poor boy with limited prospects who toils in a laundromat. He is of an altogether different class from pampered Joan, whose well-connected father owns half their small Southern town (which just so happens to be named Dentonville). As the story opens, Joan and Eddie finish up a tryst in the woods at which point Joan announces to Eddie that she is pregnant. He has fallen in love with her and gladly will marry her. However, Joan will have none of this. She fully intends to head off to school and continue on with her life and all she wants of Eddie is for him to arrange an abortion. “There’s a right and wrong, Joan,” he tells her. “What you want to do is wrong.” Still, Joan is determined to have her way. Add to the mix quite a cast of characters including Joan’s well-meaning but misguided father and his greedy lawyer, a bull-headed sheriff and a sultry newcomer to town who takes a more-than-friendly interest in Eddie. The result is a hot-and-heavy melodrama of lust and self-indulgence, shady business dealing and small town southern justice. 73 minutes. Exploitation