Zorro Rides Again

199. ZORRO RIDES AGAIN (1937-USA). 12 Episode Republic Serial. With JOHN CARROLL, (as Zorro) HELEN CHRISTIAN, DUNCAN RENALOO, NOAH BEERY. The fabled defender of the weak, enemy of tyrants, and fighter for truth and justice rides into actionÑin the 20th century! A ruthless tycoon (operating out of a New York skyscraper) and his sinister outlaw gang stop at nothingÑincluding robbery, kidnapping, sabotage, torture and murder Ñin their attempts to seize a railroad being built from California to Mexico. The welfare of thousands, and the long standing peace between the U.S. and Mexico, are in serious danger! Longing for the days when Zorro was around, the railroad’s owners send for the masked avenger’s great grandson, but he’s just a city slicker whose main interests are reading and golf. Luckily, though, Zorro does suddenly appear! Proclaiming “the spirit of Zorro will never die,” wielding his powerful gun and whip, he wages a daring all-out war on the vile terrorists. Little does anyone know that “Zorro” is the effete city boy in disguise! There are lots of chases, shootouts, explosions and heart-stopping cliffhangers before the tale reaches its furious climax. The transplanting of Zorro into modern times leads to intriguing (and sometimes absurd) twists on the legend: Zorro jumps from a car to his horse, travels by airplane, runs across Manhattan rooftops, and commandeers a truck in a desperate, thrill-packed attempt to overtake a train. He’s even a 1930’s-style, singing cowboy (“Zorro rides again…riding along, singing a song!”). Blazing western action and romantic swashbuckling adventure at their finest! 214 minutes. Serial