Zorro’s Black Whip

981. ZORRO’S BLACK WHIP (1944-USA). 12 Episode Republic Serial with GEORGE J. LEWIS, LINDA STIRLING, HAL TALIAFERRO. Looting, arson, murder, terror-no decent citizen’s fife or propÂerty is safe! Not when a band of evil outlaws, who run the wide-open territory, are doing everything they can to prevent statehood. That includes frightening settlers, destroying lawmen, and interfering with the democratic process. Only The Black Whip, working outside the law, is man enough to stop them. This mysterious, black-masked avenger gallops in on his black stallion and delivers stinging blows with his lightning-fast whip-especially when handsome government agent Vic Gordon is in danger. Who is The Black Whip, and exactly what is his attraction to Vic? Actually, the Whip is none other than crusading newspaper editor Barbara Meredith, whom the bad guys don’t suspect because, as they put it, no woman could possibly outdraw, outshoot or outfight them. This women’s lib serial has plenty of fast-moving action and spectacular cliffhangers, and you won’t have to wait a week for the resolutions-some of which are genuinely surprising. Will Vic crash to his death in a runaway wagon? Will the Whip be unmasked before her noble task is completed? How will the heroes survive all the landslides, explosions and fires that continually corner them? And what does all of this have to do with Zorro? Your guess is as good as ours: his name is never even mentioned in any of the episodes! 176 minutes. Serial